Face Down

Imagine having to leave your home to save your children’s lives, not knowing if you will ever be able to return. The war in Eastern Ukraine has displaced millions of people. Elena lost her little sister in a bombing and had to flee Donetsk with her husband and son. In Face Down, not only Elena, but also Vitaly and Alexandra tell their stories about the terrible consequences of the war and the appalling conditions they are forced to live in.

‘Dorcas and Living Image worked together to create ‘Face Down’, aiming to bring the crisis in Eastern Ukraine into focus. The documentary was finished in the spring of 2016. It was used for the successful lobby to get the Euro-parliamentarians, the Dutch House of Representatives and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to change the emergency aid into structural aid. The documentary has also been shown to the public (on Dutch tv channel NPO2). Dorcas had enjoyed working with Living Image and is very pleased with the result.’

Christel Mulder

Disaster response coordinator, √

Project Details

Collaboration with  Dorcas (Joint Response Ukraine)
March 23, 2016
Reach The film was used for lobbying financial aids with the purpose to structurally help the victims of the civil war in Ukraine. The lobby was successful.

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