I Let His Father Die

Living Image is in Bangladesh, that is, Laurens, Ruben and intern Robin. The goal is to show the impact of the work of 3xM. It’s an organisation that make Christian television possible in many countries.

We could have made a simple, boring promotional film. But fortunately that is not our style. During the trip, our team was touched by the story of two men, so we made a short documentary.

This powerful film shows the life storie of Martin. When he was in a difficult spot in his life, he was touched by a Christian television program in which he recognised his own life. A coincidence? Or did someone know his story?

Take a look at how the power of friendship and and the uniting power of television caused the life of Martin to take an unexpected turn.

Project Details

Collaboration with  3XM 
June, 2018
Reach Viewings and online campaign by 3XM

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