Irrigation Project

Irrigation is vital for farmers in Cambodia. It makes all the difference between a good and bad harvest. Since many people depend on the harvest of rice, foundation The Bridge helps these farmers by building dams and irrigation systems. This film shows the difference this makes.

‘Working with Living Image

We worked with Felix, Ruben, Laurens and Stephan for 2,5 weeks in Cambodia, filming for a production for the 25th anniversary of our foundation and for 6 short clips for our website. We were also shooting a documentary that Living Image wanted to make about God’s work in Cambodia. Those weeks were hectic and wonderful at the same time. They got the job done with expertise and vehemence. Problems were dealt with professionally and creatively.

We have enjoyed those weeks of production and are curious to see the end result. We hope all productions will contribute to the work of foundation De Brug and for the documentary to show God’s love in Cambodia.’


Frits en Beja Weitkamp, Rens Reedeker

Board of Directors, Foundation de Brug (The Bridge)

Project Details

Date: May 2017
Reach: Used at website of The Bridge and conferences.


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