Long Road Ahead

Since the rise of the terrorist organization Islamic State, the lives of millions of people have been turned upside down. In 2014, IS declared the independent Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, and implemented sharia law. 15- year old Eglas lost her family when she was kidnapped by IS militants. She was tortured and suffered systematic rape, but she found her way out. In Long Road Ahead, Eglas, Qasim, Ghafoer and Maryane tell their stories about fear, loss and hope for a better future.

‘In 2015, Living Image went to Iraq to produce a documentary about refugees for Dorcas. The collaboration was established in a short time frame, the execution of the project went well and the result is the internationally recognised documentary ‘Long Road Ahead’. Dorcas is very pleased with Living Image’s professionality and the level of quality of their productions’

Abel Korevaar

Director of communications, Dorcas

Project Details

Collaboration with  Dorcas
Date September 14, 2015
Reach The documentary was broadcast in 12 countries and seen by more than 8 million people.
Media  Discussed in Dutch late night show Pauw on channel NPO1. The documentary was also mentioned by political party ChristenUnie and spoken of in the European Parliament.

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