‘The ChristenUnie stood at the brink of a long, intense campaign period for the national elections. There was a great need for video content, as that would play an important role in the strategy for the campaign. The word ‘documentary’ was mentioned, and the possibilities for ‘a video ad’. As this would be part of the campaign for the national elections, the ChristenUnie was very intent on keeping up her high standard of quality for video content. The ideas and imagination of the people of Living Image, paired with great enthusiasm and disarming honesty, ended up persuading us to go this journey together.

Soon after that Living Image started making nice productions and the feedback on these productions was also getting processed ever faster and better. Trust grew to have Living Image make the national ad for television, which was broadcast 12 times and had about a million views on Facebook. That trust was certainly not put to shame. As the campaign went on, the productions kept improving and each time less feedback was needed to get to the required quality. That is a great compliment for a team with relatively little experience that finds itself working in a campaign for national elections. No idea was too crazy and no effort too much.

All in all it became a very pleasant, nice and educational half year with the crew of Living Image. We will me missing Felix and his crew after such an intense and good cooperation. Fortunately, we stay in touch, and in the future we will for sure continue to work together with Living Image for other video productions.’

Jop Douma

Communication Director, ChristenUnie

‘Dorcas and Living Image worked together to create ‘Face Down’, aiming to bring the crisis in Eastern Ukraine into focus. The documentary was finished in the spring of 2016. It was used for the successful lobby to get the Euro-parliamentarians, the Dutch House of Representatives and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to change the emergency aid into structural aid. The documentary has also been shown to the public (on Dutch tv channel NPO2). Dorcas had enjoyed working with Living Image and is very pleased with the result.’

Christel Mulder

Disaster response coordinator, Dorcas

‘Working with Living Image

We worked with Felix, Ruben, Laurens and Stephan for 2,5 weeks in Cambodia, filming for a production for the 25th anniversary of our foundation and for 6 short clips for our website. We were also shooting a documentary that Living Image wanted to make about God’s work in Cambodia. Those weeks were hectic and wonderful at the same time. They got the job done with expertise and vehemence. Problems were dealt with professionally and creatively.

We have enjoyed those weeks of production and are curious to see the end result. We hope all productions will contribute to the work of foundation De Brug and for the documentary to show God’s love in Cambodia.’

Frits en Beja Weitkamp, Rens Reedeker

Management, Foundation de Brug

‘In 2015, Living Image went to Iraq to produce a documentary about refugees for Dorcas. The collaboration was established in a short time frame, the execution of the project went well and the result is the internationally recognised documentary ‘Long Road Ahead’. Dorcas is very pleased with Living Image’s professionality and the level of quality of their productions’

Abel Korevaar

Director of communications, Dorcas